Sociotherapy Association

The Sociotherapy Association in the United States describes a sociotherapy that emphasizes the support of awareness, relationship, and the integration of life and the environment. It’s main focus is the process of interpersonal relationships as a method of facilitating healthier living, rather than diagnosing intrapsychic psychopathology, and attempting to change it through coercion and analysis (psychology and psychotherapy). [3] The Society for the Furtherance of Sociotherapy says: “Sociotherapy operates through a holistic vision of mankind. That is to say that the human being is seen as a somatic, psychic, social and spiritual unity, which is unique because of his own history of growth.” [4]

Sociotherapy has been used in the treatment and education of adolescents at Kanner Academy and Sarasota Community Schools in Sarasota, Florida USA. In These settings the working definition of sociotherapy is the practice of promoting healthy growth and living by facilitating therapeutic communities, personal relationships and positive peer culture. It is better known as the “relationship therapy.”

Where relatinships heal